How We Conduct Social Media Audits

Welcome to the latest installment of our ‘How We Do It’ series, where we unveil the secrets behind our digital audit process at MI Group, with a specific focus on social media

Did you know that businesses leveraging consistent branding across all channels experience an average revenue growth of 23%? The success of these businesses lies in mastering the art of social media and maintaining unwavering consistency. If you’re wondering how you can achieve similar results, you’re in for a treat. 

In this edition, we’re excited to share how we conducted a comprehensive social media audit for one of our clients. Our goal was clear: to conduct an in-depth assessment of their existing social media, strategies, systems, and performance, and ultimately pave the way for a functional roadmap driving marketing ROI. 

Why Digital Audits Matter

Navigating the online landscape requires a reliable compass, and that’s precisely what a digital audit represents. At MI Group, we explore in-depth assessments of your existing goals, strategies, systems, and performance. 

We tackle this task with a three-pronged approach:

  • Understand where you are now, so you know where to go.
  • Discover opportunities to optimize your digital marketing efforts.
  • Lay the foundation for a functional roadmap driving marketing ROI.

Before delving into the nitty-gritty, consider this: How well do you truly comprehend your digital presence on social media? Our collective experience affirms that a comprehensive digital audit serves as a potential game-changer for your business. Now, let’s focus on unraveling the secrets behind how we do social media audits in our ‘How We Do It’ series.

Social Media – A Look at Your Current Presence

Social media isn’t just a collection of platforms; it’s the heartbeat of your online presence. When doing Social Media Audits, we dive deep into understanding where your business stands in the bustling realm of social networks. It’s not merely about having profiles; it’s about making a memorable impact that resonates with your audience.

Our Social Media Audit is designed to unfold in four essential parts

  • Post Engagement
  • Post Consistency
  • Post Frequency
  • Brand Cohesiveness

Each part of our audit serves as a strategic pillar, offering profound insights and actionable recommendations to reshape your social media strategy.

Here’s how we use these components during an audit:

Post Engagement:

  • Observe Interactions: We closely monitor likes, comments, and shares on our posts to gauge audience engagement.
  • Evaluate Response: By analyzing these interactions, we understand how our content resonates with our audience.

Post Consistency:

  • Craft a Schedule: We develop a consistent posting schedule aligned with our audience’s active hours.
  • Maintain Cohesion: Our posts maintain a cohesive theme and tone to reinforce our brand identity.
  • Diversify Content: We keep our audience engaged by diversifying our content types to provide variety and interest.

Post Frequency:

  • Determine Ideal Frequency: We analyze our audience and content type to determine the ideal posting frequency for each platform.
  • Tailor to Preferences: We adjust our posting frequency to align with the preferences of our audience for each content category.
  • Monitor Engagement: Continuous monitoring of engagement metrics allows us to refine our posting strategy for maximum impact.

Brand Cohesiveness:

  • Ensure Visual Consistency: We maintain consistency in visual elements such as logos, colors, and imagery to strengthen our brand presence.
  • Uniform Messaging: Our messaging and tone are consistent across different platforms to reinforce our brand’s voice.
  • Plan for Crisis: We develop response plans for maintaining brand reputation during crisis situations to ensure resilience and trustworthiness.

As part of our comprehensive digital audit, we employ our Digital Snapshot Report for Social Media Audit Observations. This report enables us to conduct a thorough examination of various aspects, including:

  • Like count: Evaluating the number of likes your posts receive, providing insights into audience engagement and content resonance.
  • Post frequency: Analyzing how often you publish content to determine the consistency and frequency of your social media activity.
  • Shares/saves: Assessing the number of shares or saves your posts accumulate, indicating the virality and relevance of your content.
  • Follower count: Examining the growth and size of your follower base across different social media platforms.
  • Engagement rates: Understanding how effectively your content resonates with your audience by measuring metrics such as likes, comments, shares, and saves, providing valuable insights into audience interaction and content effectiveness across different platforms.

Case Study: Client A

To exemplify our process, let’s take a closer look at our recent audit for our wellness client who in today’s blog we’ll refer to as “Client A”.

Our original goals of the audit encompassed conducting an in-depth assessment of existing goals, strategies, systems, and performance, thereby providing a clear understanding of the current state to chart the path forward. We aimed to discover opportunities to optimize digital marketing efforts and pave the way for a functional roadmap that drives marketing ROI.

During our observations for Client A, we noticed:

  1. Their Social media platforms needed to be easy to find as we could not easily find them.
  2. There were brand name  inconsistencies across all platforms.
  3. Their engagement levels are almost nonexistent.
  4. They have inconsistent posting frequency.

After carefully observing and auditing Client A’s social media profiles using our comprehensive digital report, we identified several areas for improvement. With the aim of elevating their social media grade from the average D to a higher level, we recommended the following strategies and actions:

  1. Enhance Social Media Visibility: Improve the visibility of their social media platforms to make them more easily discoverable by potential customers.
  2. Ensure Consistent Brand Names: Ensure that the brand names are consistent across all social media platforms to maintain brand identity and recognition.
  3. Increase Post Frequency: Boost post frequency to 3-5 times weekly to maintain a consistent presence and keep the audience engaged.
  4. Implement a Social Media Calendar: Establish a social media calendar to plan and schedule content in advance, ensuring regular and timely posts across platforms.

Our recommendations are tailored to your business, guiding you on strategic actions to enhance your digital presence, engage your audience effectively, and drive measurable results.

Congratulations on gaining insights into our social media audit checklist! This is a checklist you can start implementing yourself. However, we do understand that navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship can be overwhelming. At MI Group, we understand the delicate balance between running a business and ensuring your digital presence thrives. 

Need extra help? Schedule a consultation with MI Group or generate a FREE Digital Snapshot Report here!

Our report covers other crucial areas outside of Social Media such as:

  • Website Evaluation: Assessing the effectiveness of your business website in converting visitors into customers.
  • Mobile and Desktop Performance: Evaluating the performance of your website on different devices.
  • E-commerce Readiness: Analyzing if your online platform facilitates instant purchases for consumers.
  • Advertising Reach: Determining the level of awareness consumers have about your business through advertising efforts.
  • SEO Performance: Assessing your visibility in search engine results, both locally and organically.

Next week, we’ll delve into how we conduct email audits at MI Group for our “How We Do It” Series.

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