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If Your Business Own a Website, Use Social Media, eCommerce, Reviews or Run Online Ads, This Opportunity Is For You!


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There are a few ways to make real money using the Internet.... If you make the wrong decisions, it could cost you everything....

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Workshop Host:

Ricardo Berrís!

He's built a massive 7 figure business by helping hundreds of brands unlock the secrets to making money with their online presence...

You will learn these secrets and tactics, and how you can join in an take your slice from this opportunity...

What Other People Are Saying About The WTF Workshop

“My experience with Ricardo Berris and Digital Hub was amazing. The 5-Hour Workshop went by so fast, I did not even realize how much time we had invested. The participants were open and shared their WINS and opportunities to grow. We were totally engaged and definitely gained insight and understanding about where we are with our On-line Presence and where and how to grow next.”

“I recommend this workshop because this helps to work on the business in an area that is easy to go under the radar. This is Ricardo’s Zone of Genius. He loves to take this off your plate and make it easier to lift, grow and scale.”

“The WTF Workshop with Ricardo Berris & team was invaluable. I gained so much more than I anticipated and look forward to all that I will continue to gain being connected to him as a resource for continuing to grow my business and online presence!”


  • If you are a professional service provider (attorney, laudromat, speaker, coach, mediacl practitioner, real estate agents and brokers, restaurants) and e-commerce brand (beauty, pets, retail, food, artwork, Saas software providers, furniture, home appliances) and you are struggling to increase your revenue from 5 to 6, 6 to 7, or even 7 to 8 figures. 
  • If you’re have difficulty generating more calendar bookings, more consultation sessions, or more product sales online. This workshop is for you.
  • Gain actionable INSIGHTS: You cannot fix what you cannot see and because that is true, you need to gain insight of where you are in the most critical areas of your digital marketing (website, SEO, social media, listings, reviews, advertisement, e-commerce). We will show you how you are performing these areas so that we can identify what needs to be fixed.
  • Set really SMART goals: It’s not enough to say you want to make more money or generate more leads. You need to be very specific on how many people need to bring AWARENESS to, how much TRAFFIC you need to send to your website/landing page, and how many CONVERSIONS you would need on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. We will show you how to determine how much awareness, and traffic you need based on your conversion goals.
  • Take precise ACTION: It’s not enough to create strategies or tactics you need to EXECUTE on those things that are preventing you from getting the conversions that you need. We will show you how to execute on tactics and strategies in all of the following categories – website, SEO, social media, listings, reviews, advertisement, e-commerce.
  • Conducting your own digital assessment: You’re going to learn how to assess your own digital performance across all of these categories (website, SEO, social media, listings, reviews, advertisement, e-commerce).
  • Why the F: You will learn the reasons that are causing you to have poor digital performance in all of these categories (website, SEO, social media, listings, reviews, advertisement, e-commerce).
  • Turning your F’s into A’s: We will show you how to turn those poor performance grades into excellent grades in all of the categories (website, SEO, social media, listings, reviews, advertisement, e-commerce).
  • For professional service providers: You won’t make any money from adding people on your calendar or scheduling sales calls. However, in order to make money you need to have calendar bookings and sales calls. We know that the path to revenue comes from the amount of calendar bookings, cosultation sessions or sales calls that you can have. Not to mention the proposals or estimates or quotations that you have to send. In order to get those consultation sessions scheduled you need to ensure that you are visible to the customers. We will help you to gain VISIBILITY, create AWARENESS, and drive TRAFFIC that leads to CONVERSION. We will also help you to improve your ability to further convert leads who come in from booking on your calendar, or on a sales call so that you can convert those leads into actual sales.
  • For e-commerce brands: The same is true, that you won’t generate any sales from people viewing your product pages and adding products to their shopping cart, but you need these events to occur to increase the probability of you making a sale. To further increase the probability of you making a sale we will help you to create more AWARENESS, and drive more TRAFFIC, that’s going to lead to more CONVERSIONS. Here is the reality, if you’re driving TRAFFIC to a crappy landing page or product page that has insufficient product informatio, that’s not a recipe to increase your conversion rate. If you’re sending the WRONG AUDIENCE to these pages, that’s also the wrong recipe to increase your conversion rate. The bottom line is, we will help you identify the right AUDIENCE, the right MESSAGING, and the right OFFER to grow your revenue online.

In This Workshop We Will Walk You Through Step-By-Step on How to Fix Your Online Presence... and Begin Generating Incoming without Waiting FOREVER!

Here's What You'll Learn At Our Live Virtual Workshop

Preliminary Online Assessments

We will show you how to conduct primilmary online assessments to see how your company stacks up to those in your space that are making real money. You will receive a preliminary report for your business in advance on workshop day.

Assessment Revelation

Revealing your assessment means you will learn what the results actually mean so you can get to work on changing them to start earning more.

Assessing the Alternatives

We will show you how to asses the alternatives and other players in the game. You will not only understand what they are doing that you are not, but also how to level up or standout from them.

Understanding The Lack

When you understand the cause for the results you are getting, and see what others are doing with just a few changes, you will know what not to do to avoid a repeat.

Setting Goals to Fix the Lack

You will learn how to setup goals that can be measured and monitored to get you the desired results in real time.

Tools & Tactics to Use

You will learn how to use never before seen tools and tactics to get your goals achieved faster results

The WTF Community

Connect with the WTF community to get inspiration and motivation to grow your business

Acting Now...

We are going to offer you an opportunity to be in the company of doers and earners that will help you achive your goals.

What are you waiting for?

This is literally the BEST Time to Help your business GROW…And you can begin earning top dollars so you can have the life and career you’ve always wanted!

Ready to start moving your online presence from an F to an A in record time?

What You can expect from this WTF Live Virtual Workshop!

Before the WTF Workshop

After the WTF Workshop

But That's Not All!

The same reason you stick around after your favorite artist is finished at a concert, you will want to stick around after the workshop because...

BIG Surprises!

That's right.. we are all about OVER-DELIVERING as much value as possible so you dont only perform better online... but also begin to acquire the skills and knowledge that will turn into real income for you and your family... which means a bigger better bank account!

Here's Everything You Get When You Sign Up For The WTF LIVE VIRTUAL WORKSHOP TODAY!


WTF WORKSHOP - Live Virtual Workshop


June 1st 10:00 am - 3:00 pm


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Ready to take your business income to the next level? Learn from Ricardo Berris on how to improve your online presence and increase your earning potential today!

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